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The Porch-folio is Porchester's own personal investment portfolio. As a UK based investor, the performance of the Porch-folio is measured in GBP terms. Performance is compared to the FTSE100 index and the average performance of the users across the same investment platform.

Below are the regular Porch-folio updates on performance and trading.

Porchfolio performance 10092023.JPG

Porch-folio Updates

Sylvania Saves the Day

10 September 2023

Tricky week overall with the Porch-folio down -0.25%, underperforming both the FTSE100 and the others on the investing platform.

Meli Happy Returns

3 September 2023

A strong week this week outperforming both the FTSE100 index and the others on the investment platform. With a storming performance from MercadoLibre up close to +15% for the week. The stock is now at the highest it has been since November 2021. No specific news on the stock beyond a few banks and analysts rating the stock higher.

Playing with Microcaps can be a Difficult Game

27 August 2023

Another decent week overall in the sense that the Porch-folio returned positive performance on what has been a choppy few weeks for what is a commodity heavy portfolio. Earnings season is also coming to an end with most companies now having reported their earnings for the second quarter.

Time to Get Real About the Chinese Economy

20 August 2023

The wheels came off a bit this week, with a pretty disappointing performance, though still ahead of the market index.

All About Chrome & Kromek

13 August 2023

Overall a comfortable week considering the performance of others and the market as a whole. Particularly encouraging given the portfolio's heavy lean towards mining and commodity names and that sector's particularly poor performance this week. The recent trading in the portfolio to diversify is seeming to pay-off.

Luck or Perfect Timing?

6 August 2023

Another really encouraging week, with strong outperformance again to both the FTSE100 and the others on the platform.

Keep the China Stimulus Coming

1 August 2023

A really strong this week and we head into earnings season, significantly outperforming both other users on the platform and the FTSE 100.

Never Be Disappointed with an Up Week!

25 July 2023

The unexpected fall in UK inflation data brought a lot of optimism for UK stocks, and likely the reason for the underperformance vs a user base and index that is much more UK focussed.

A Platinum Week

18 July 2023

A nice solid rebound after the previous week, comfortably ahead of both the FTSE100 and the other users on the platform.

The Era of Good News is Bad News Continues

10 July 2023

A tricky week, with strong US jobs data pushing up US treasury yield expectations, and bringing equities down in tandem.

Some Profit Taking This Week

4 July 2023

After a pretty brutal week the week before, this week has been better.

What Goes Up Must Come Down...

27 June 2023

Weeks like this come around once in a while, and to be expected with a higher risk portfolio like I am running.

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