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A Platinum Week

18 July 2023

A Platinum Week
A Platinum Week

A nice solid rebound after the previous week, comfortably ahead of both the FTSE100 and the other users on the platform. Principally driven by a solid rebound is South African miner Sylvania Platinum which saw a significant sell-off the week before. The position to me remains very attractive at these levels and I aim to keep the position.

Other strong showings from other UK-listed names notably Chilean copper miner Antofagasta and UK kitchen supplier Howden Joinery. Antofagasta is approaching levels where I might begin more profit taking, but still comfortable at current levels given my opinion on future copper dynamics, in particular the well publicised potential future supply deficits.

Disappointing week from Scorpio Tankers, a recent addition to the portfolio. Looking like an even more attractive proposition in my eyes and may add to the position further to make the most of the weakness.

Otherwise I am beginning to take a look at potential micro cap opportunities. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I can begin to take a look at (can be any region/sector) or any strong convictions, I would be keen to hear!

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