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Playing with Microcaps can be a Difficult Game

27 August 2023

Playing with Microcaps can be a Difficult Game
Playing with Microcaps can be a Difficult Game

Another decent week overall in the sense that the Porch-folio returned positive performance on what has been a choppy few weeks for what is a commodity heavy portfolio. Earnings season is also coming to an end with most companies now having reported their earnings for the second quarter.

Biggest winner on the week was Mexican precious metals miner Fresnillo. There was a rebound in the silver price during the week after the China worries driven sell-off in the price of the metal the week before.

Biggest loser by some margin was radiation detection company Kromek. No specific news about the company, but this is the kind of volatility you can expect from more illiquid stocks. Obviously when everything goes right with these smaller sized companies, you are going to make multiple times your initial investment, but until then, it can be hugely volatile. The nature of these smaller companies seeing much less active trading and being much less known to investors is that pricing can be very erratic.

Key here is to understand your investment horizon. Many of my positions in the Porch-folio have more medium term investment horizons. I expect to get a return within the next six to twelve months depending on how certain macroeconomic scenarios play out. Here, my thesis is much more longer term. Best is to ignore for now and wait for true catalysts to drive this investment forward, not price action based on erratic trading patterns.

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